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Education is the key to a successful life and career. People who take it for granted generally end up struggling or finding it hard to make their ends meet. Thus, for improving the quality of life and to ensure better well-being, it is extremely important to be educated in their respective fields. Learning is a continuous process and it has to be implanted right from childhood. So to have a great future, we should put our focus on the children who are eventually the future.

For the children, 11 plus exams are the most suitable examination that helps them in their confidence and self-esteem. It was founded several decades back and till the 1970s, the system was followed compulsorily. After that, due to a huge change in the education system, a comprehensive system came into place. This is also followed mostly in England and North Ireland, and even in this current advanced phase, some of the universities do prefer the result of this exam to have a better and improved output.

detailed examination process

A brief history:

11 plus exams is basically an exam that is taken by children above the age of 11 and it helps them to get admitted to good quality educational institutions for higher studies. It was predominantly followed seriously till the late 1960s but after that, the new-age educational system came into effect, making people ignore the fundamental process.

This examination will be really of great help to the children as they will be able to fare better than others. A recent popular study has also suggested that children who take this examination get successful in their life when compared to other students. Another benefit is the social mobility that this system has got. The grammar schools often mold the students to be socially reachable and they also have a large network.

What is the process?

  • Here, the process is very few and it mainly involves choosing the school for secondary education.
  • Normally, the exams are conducted in a single stage and only a few schools operate in two stages to shortlist the desired students.
  • There has also been a few changes as the GL assessment has shifted to the CEM pattern.
  • It basically contains two papers comprising comprehension, verbal reasoning, maths, non-verbal reasoning.
  • The two-stage test pattern has one month gap between the two exams where the first stage consists of Maths and English, and the second stage will focus more on core Maths and English.

To know more in detail, visit their website where all information is provided that will help people to decide the test pattern and the preparation settings.

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