How to diagnose and advantages of mammography

Advantages and Benefits

The main advantages and benefits of screening mammography performed as part of an organized program are briefly outlined below.

Early diagnosis

Screening mammography allows the detection of even small tumors (less than 1 cm), which in most cases have not yet developed lymph node or distant metastates. This increases the chances of survival and recovery. In fact, tumors smaller than 1 cm have a 95% chance of healing mammogram screening in West Orange.

Less invasive treatments

Thanks to the early diagnosis of tumors, women can be subjected to less invasive treatments with limited side effects. In most cases, in fact, it is possible to preserve the breast and resort to conservative surgery, limiting itself to the removal of only the tumor nodule with a small portion of surrounding normal tissue (tumorectomy) or of the entire mammary quadrant affected by the neoplasm with the skin overlying (quadrantectomy).

Better quality of life

The use of timely treatment allows to reduce side effects not only in the acute phase of the disease, but also subsequently, improving the quality of life and reducing the probability of relapse.

Equal access to an early diagnosis examination of optimal quality

Even less affluent women, often less medicalized and with a poor general state of health, can benefit from a quality mammogram. Access to mammography is thus guaranteed equally to all women of a certain age group, regardless of their socio-economic status, without having to resort to a doctor for its prescription.


The screening mammography performed under the cantonal program is completely free for women, as 90% of the cost is covered by the basic health insurance (benefit without deductible) and the 10% participation fee is paid loaded by the Republic and Canton of Ticino.

High quality

As part of the organized early diagnosis program, women benefit from an optimal quality mammography examination, as:

the service providers involved (radiology services, medical radiology technicians, radiologists), as well as the mammography systems used, meet internationally defined high quality criteria and requirements and are regularly subjected to rigorous controls;

the medical radiology technicians have specific and continuous training in order to guarantee an optimal quality of the mammograms performed;

screening mammograms are independently examined by two specially trained radiologists who are required a minimum number of readings per year, in order to ensure optimal evaluation of the mammograms;

in case of conflicting results of the first and second reading, a third joint evaluation is carried out;

the quality and effectiveness of the organized screening program is constantly assessed through the systematic collection of data and the production of internationally recognized standardized indicators.

All these aspects contribute:

on the one hand, to increase the sensitivity of screening mammography by 5-15%, i.e. the ability to correctly identify the presence of a breast anomaly that must be further investigated by means of additional diagnostic tests (e.g. ultrasound, biopsy) ;

on the other hand, to significantly decrease false positives, ie the number of women subjected to unnecessary additional examinations (eg ultrasound), as they do not reveal the presence of breast cancer, compared to those of an opportunistic mammogram.

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A Glimpse At The Treatment For T-Booster

The stupendously fascinating growth in technology today has provided answers to all human problems whether they are innate or acquired. The level of development in the field of science and various researches going on in this field has solved the mysteries of almost every disease and are working hard to approach at an appropriate treatment for them. Methods for treatment for low testosterone are also being devised to treat this disorder in an effective manner.



Testosterone is a male sex hormone that is required for the normal development of secondary sexual characters in them including growth of pubic hair, sperm production, voice deepening and other male characters. This hormone is produced in a very small quantity in female ovaries as well for continuation of normal functions in them. Thus, this hormone is required to maintain youth and vitality especially in men and marks the period of sexual maturity in them. It has been proved that the level of secretion of this hormone depletes with growing age. Hence, it is also responsible for ageing related problems in men as well. That is why, treatment for low testosterone levels are also being viewed as an ultimate solution to ageing these days and are recommended by many doctors and medical experts.

Low testosterone:

A number of natural and artificial treatments for t-booster are available nowadays. Out of this, natural methods are being preferred since they have no severe side-effects plus they contribute to improve the overall health of the victim. Results of these treatments are fast and become visible in a very less time. Also, these methods are relatively safer since they do not tamper with the original body’s functions and enhance its metabolism. Therefore, if you want to regain your youth and get rid of tiredness and depression, these treatments are probably the right choice for you.

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What are male enhancement pills?

As long as men need to carry out better and enhanced their size, these supplements will be a steady need for any medicine cabinet. These supplements help significantly with the libido, but they have much other impact as well, such as enhanced   testosterone production, boost sexual wellness, and increased performance in the bedroom. Some of these solutions are even able to assist in treating symptoms of erectile dysfunction. To make these effects, there are numerous various formulations and blends with supplements, minerals, and vitamins that are recognized for their performance. Bearing in mind, many options on the market now, male enhancement pills is right to say that there is a demand for individuals that need to enhance their sexual experience.

How do they differ?

Male enhancement pills differ greatly in various ways. Some formulas gives men with a whole host of genuine advantages, while others are nothing more than glorified sugar and caffeine pills. Aging men are predominantly big target for unproductive formulas. A large percentage of old men struggle with erectile dysfunction, and a section of the younger male population even struggles with these same issues. It would be wrong to deduce that male enhancement pills only function in the bedroom. To start our analysis, let’s make a closer look at the various ways in which this pills function. There is no denying  factor that the most popular pills  in the market are  identified  for how they have assisted  men to  perform better and last longer in bedroom. Nevertheless, a growing segment of this market is now devoted to helping men improve performance in a number of ways, not all of them romantic in nature. For example, some pills work to enhance overall testosterone levels in men. Boosting t-levels can help men to feel more confident, have nice workouts, and increase their overall action in bed.

Most of this pills work to provide the following benefits: increased libido, increased sexual capacity, and maximize testosterone levels. We fully advocate that male should stay away from formulas that   increasethe long-term size of their male sexual organs. Enhancing blood flow is one of the finest ways to increased bedroom and romantic performance. The best supplement pills are always transparent and realistic for the work they perform and the benefits male gets after using them.

Don’t fall into the hand of scammers who sell fake supplements in the market. Do a lot of research before buying any pill.


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Knowing when to use Adderall

  • Although many drugs are available in the market in the place of Adderall for treatment of mental illnesses. Using Adderall has proven to show many results and faster than other drugs and is a drug of choice for many medical practitioners.
  • The practice of using this drug to treat mental conditions like ADHD and other mental illnesses like depression which primarily effects the levels of focus and concentration in people and thus has proven to be beneficial in its usage where after the treatment with this drug, have improved behavioral patterns and other related symptoms.

Types of the drug available for sale

  • The drug composition being amphetamine is made to be available in its generic form and is also available in the drug stores for people to use. Not only this many brands have come up with their compositions which is primarily similar to the generic ones and not much amount of change between the generic and brand drugs and any of them can be purchased by the patients under legalized prescriptions only from practicing doctors specializing in mental health therapies. The drugs are not to be sold loose to anyone else but the patients.

advantageous this drug

Types of illnesses that can be treated

  • Adderall has been popularly used for years now for the treatment of ADHD, for those of who don’t know what it means, it is a mental condition commonly seen from birth characterized by many symptoms one of them being short attention span and lack of focus and impulsivebehavior which can prove to be detrimental to the patient and others around him. Another one of the similar mental condition that shows up with the same characteristics with similar lack of attention span is depression. People suffering with depression have a hard time paying attention and focusing on one thing hence this can be treated by the use of this drug over a period of time.


  • The drug acts by improving the dopamine levels which is otherwise known as the happy hormone and the effects of it are shown by having increased levels of focus and better functioning of mental capabilities and improvement in overall agility of the patient. The drug is known to show faster results and is a drug of choice.

Conclusion – making use Adderall to treat mental illnesses and promising the patients improvement in their mental health and also in their living conditions.

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