Learn how to fix a vape pen When it fails to work after charging

It’s frustrating when a vape pen stops working after you’ve charged it up. If you are asking why is my vape pen not working, don’t worry — this article will show you a few ways you can fix your vape pen when it fails to work. 


Firstly, if your vape pen consistently has problems with its battery or charging port, try cleaning the connection with a wire brush or compressed air. If that doesn’t trick, check out our last resort: replacing your vaping device! So make sure to check out these tips and keep on vaping!


Failing to charge correctly is one of those problems that most often occur during charging. The truth is that many vapers can find themselves charging their batteries for hours on end and still only receive five or six puffs from their vape pen. The problem is that when you charge the vape pen from a standard wall outlet, you don’t get the full power of your battery.

vape pen not working after charge

You need to provide your battery with the highest current output that it can support. This means more amps than what your wall outlet provides. You can do this by using an external charger on your vape pen or even investing in a wattage-regulated charger that monitors batteries and adjusts the power in true increments to help protect against overcharging.


You can also check to see if your charger is giving you enough power by seeing how it’s chargers. Does your battery feel hot to the touch when charging? If so, the charger doesn’t provide enough power for your battery. You can also check to see if the charge indicator light on your charger is changing. If it isn’t, there is a problem with the cord or the charger itself.


Another issue that comes from charging from a traditional wall outlet instead of an external battery charger is that while you’re charging your battery, it’s also draining.ā